Our Staff

Our Pool is lucky to have a talented staff of state-certified professionals, Our goal is to create a warm, open environment where kids feel safe enough to ask questions, explore and seek answers. We challenge every children to surpass his or her own personal best and help them over the hills and through the valleys of these growing years. We welcome all who come through our indoor heated pool. We dont care about the weather, We are save indoor.

Head coach with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Every day training is responsibility for ourselves, respect others and do our personal best.

Nicomedes Machado:

- Is a swimming coach who helps young kids and adults achieve the important task of learning how to swim.

- Athlete for eleven years in which five of them was a part of the Cuban National Swimming Team as a top performance athlete. He held a Bachelor Degree in Physical.

- Education(specialist swimmers trainer ) since 1981 from University of Havana.

- Swimming coach for over 30 years and part of these year he taught high performance athletes.

- Participate in various international events, like Juveniles Games, Centro American Games and the other different competitions.

- American Red Cross Certifications which includes Lifeguard, C.P.R, First A.I.D, Safety Training for Swimming Coach and Water Safety Instructor.

- Pools and Spa Operator Management (C.P.O).

- M&M West Kendall Swimming Club Owner.

Carlos Meneses:

- Bachelors Degree in Physical Education , University of Havana .Specialist in Swimming .

- Credited National Level as Specialist in Swimming (1994 in Mexico)

- Certificate American Red Cross, ( year 2000 -today)Lifeguard , First A.I.D, C.P.R, Safety Training for Swimming Coach, Water Safety Instructor.

- Certificate A.S C.A( the American swimming coaches association ) level 5.

- Member of the U.S.A Swimming .

- He was training swimming in Santa Cruz del Norte ( head coach 1983-1991) in Cuba .

- National swimming team (Marcelo Salado, Cuba). Anahuac Senior High School, Colima, Mexico( swimming coach 1995-1998).University of Colima, Mexico(1993-1998 head coach).Valdy's Acuatic Club coach 1999-2003, and The Apartment at Fontainebleau Park(2003-2008.

- M&M West Kendall Swimming Club owner.

The others members ours staff had certifications of American Red Cross.Lifeguard, First AID, C.P.R, Safety training for Swimming, Water Safety Instructor.