General information:

Thank you for enrolling your child in our swim program. Our goal is to improve your child's swimming and water safety abilities, while allowing him/her to have fun !!!

Please review the following safety guidelines with your child.

Tips for parents:

Children are happier and more receptive to learning if they are well rested, eat nutritious foods and don't stray far from their normal routine you can make swim lesson a more enjoyable experience for both, you and your child by planning ahead:

- Schedule lesson around meals and nap times.

- Register early to get the class that works best with your schedule.

- Let your child assisting packing a swim bag and light snack for after their lesson.

- Wear swim suits under clotting for a quick change.

- Leave home a few minutes early so that children are not rushed and can arrive on time for their lesson.

- If your child is fearful on apprehensive about coming to lesson, schedule a visit a few days prior to class to familiarize him/her with the facility and staff. We will be happy to assist you in arranging a visit.

- Encourage, never force a child to to into the water.

- Stay positive about the lesson and praise children for small accomplishments.

Health information:

To ensure the safety and health of all swimmers, please keep your child home for any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea
  • Pink eye
  • Rash
  • Severe cold/flu
  • Open wounds
  • Contagious disease general ill felling
  • Sinus or ear infections

Six PLEAS for protection:

- Please don't swim when you have diarrhea. This is especially important for kids in diapers.

- Please don't swallow the pool water.

- Please practice good hygiene.

- Please take your kids on bathroom breaks often.

- Please change diapers in a bathroom and not at pool side.

- Please wash your child thoroughly (specially the rear end) with soap and water before and after swimming.

What to wear:

A swim suit is required for all persons. Babies must wear diapers at all times (preferably with a plastic cover).

Jean and cotton clothing are prohibited.

Goggles, nose, plugs, etc are not recommended for children until they can demonstrate the proper skills without these item.

A swim diaper is required for any owe with continence is issues bathers wearing diapers need to have tight fitting protective covering. Be aware thar swim diapers and protective swim pants are not a solutions for a person with diarrhea or a substitute for frequent diaper changing.

Safety guidelines:

Children must wait for their instructor before entering the pool deck area.

Inform instructors of any injuries thar may limit participation in class.

Help keep out pool area clean, avoid walking across pool deck with street shoes on.

Please walk on the pool deck at all time for your safety NO RUNNING.

Foods and beverages are prohibited from the pool decks.

Remember M&M West Kendall Swimming Club does not give refunds for any reason and fee for all returned checks will be charge.

Thank you and enjoy our indoor heated pool.